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Double Impact Athletic Performance Socks

Why The Right Pair of Socks Can Make All The Difference and The Socks You Should be Wearing.

June 04, 2021

Double Impact Socks are be considered the best athletic socks on the market according it its users. Below we have detailed why every athletic professional or amateur needs to own a pair of ElSO's Double Impact Socks.



Function: Double Impact Performance Socks are a patented, two sock system that diminishes the friction between the sole of the foot and the shoe with a unique layout, thus providing you with additional comfort and support during any physical activity. 

By utilizing various moisture wicking fabrics paired with a double holding elastic system, our Double Impact Performance Socks move perspiration away from the feet in order for sweat to evaporate quickly, thereby allowing you to feel cooler and more comfortable. The elastic holding system stabilizes the ankle and the arch of the foot, keeping your foot and ankle more secure while providing an extra layer of comfort. 


Case for Double Impact Socks: Wearing shoes and one pair of socks creates two interfaces: the skin-sock interface and the sock-shoe interface each having a certain level of friction. This measurement is the coefficient of friction (COF) which is a number usually less than 1. High friction between both interfaces is a contributing factor for blisters. To alleviate this problem, the wearer should create an extra interface by wearing additional socks. If the sock-sock interface COF is lower than that of the other two interfaces, the two socks will slide across one another before there is movement elsewhere. That will reduce shear (and therefore blisters).

Double Impact socks were structurally designed to help with this issue and more.


Case against Double Impact Socks: Double Impact socks uses a two sock system that provides additional padding and security for the ankle. If you have never worn two pairs of socks before, wearing two pairs for the first time make take one or two days to get use to. 


Verdict: If you want to elevate your performance and protect your feet and ankles during activities while experiencing cloud like comfort, then ElSo's Double Impact socks is for you. Double Impact Socks can be used for Tennis, Basketball, Running, Hiking, Football, Soccer, Hockey, and daily activities. ElSo's Double Impact Socks have received superb reviews from wearers. I recommend giving them a try. I don't think you will disappointed.




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