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About Us

The Elso Company is an apparel company that makes functional athletic performance socks. The company was established in 2010, and incorporated in 2012 after its founders won first place in the 2012 Springboard business competition, a United States business plan competition. Since the victory, ElSo has been working closely with sock manufacturers and technicians in North Carolina and New York City. ElSo has also be partnering with high level athletes across the U.S. to continue development of the initial sock model that won the business competition. ElSo strives to produce the perfect athletic sock comprised of a cutting-edge design paired with revolutionary solution-based features that are supportive, comfortable and functional. In 2015, ElSo Athletics attained this goal. 

ElSo's mission is to continuously develop innovative and stylish products that are designed to improve an athlete’s performance, making a positive difference in his or her game.


Our Core Principles

  • Employees are called Athletes.
  • They don't interview for a job, they train for the job.
  • When we are in the office, we are an athletic team working together. 
  • People that buy our products are not customers, they are our fans.
  • Jobs are games; and our attire is our uniform.