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Double Impact Athletic Performance Socks

Why The Right Pair of Socks Can Make All The Difference and The Socks You Should be Wearing.

June 04, 2021

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Why Running Socks Are As Important As Your Running Shoes

January 11, 2020

Running socks are as important to a runner's comfort and performance as a decent pair of running shoes. Choosing the wrong pair of socks could lead a blisterful rather than a blissful running experience. Here's why socks are important to the runner.

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Pick the Right Athletic Socks, A Case Against Cotton

March 25, 2019

Fitting, breathable tank top? Check. Sturdy, comfortable shoes? Check. Excellent, high quality socks? Wait. It’s true: Don’t head to that next workout without a good pair of athletic socks. Having a good sock will benefit the athlete in and for the long run!

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Muscle Recovery: Essential to Your Next Workout

March 22, 2019

A muscle gives at the gym or on the track, leading to weeks of rehab. Sometimes it’s not even a single moment, but rather, countless hours of overuse that leads a muscle to strain or tear.

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When and Why You Should Replace Your Sports Socks

When and Why You Should Replace Your Sports Socks

February 26, 2019

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How to Protect Your Ankles in Basketball

January 25, 2019

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5 Ways to Strengthen Weak Ankles

January 24, 2019

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The Importance of Good Socks

The Importance of Good Socks

December 13, 2017

When purchasing socks, most people generally do not think about the total protection they provide. Socks are used for more than just padding and cushioning, they serve as a barrier between the shoes and the feet. 

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February 07, 2017

Hydrating before your workout can help prevent DOMS, and hydrating when you’re hurting can help treat it. You see, stiff muscles aren’t just overworked—they’re thirsty. Dehydrated tissue is hard and dry, but when you down your water bottle or sports drink, some of that water makes its way to the dry tissue, and it regains some of that lost suppleness.

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The Flat Foot Fix

January 09, 2017

Flat feet are commonly seen in today’s society and can be problematic for some individuals because it can cause pain, dysfunction, or even a decrease in optimal performance and power output in athletes.  There are many causes of having a flat foot, ranging from genetics, strength and shoe wear.

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5 Techniques to Help Prevent an Ankle Injury

5 Techniques to Help Prevent an Ankle Injury

January 03, 2017 1 Comment

There are no guaranteed ways to prevent ankle-related injuries in sports and exercise. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are some of the most common injuries in a majority of the sports in America. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 25,000 Americans suffer from ankle sprains each day.

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Sizing Chart

Double Impact Performance Socks Size Guide

Sock Sizes





U.S. Men 





U.S. Women 











ElSo Jumper Basketball Socks Size Guide 

Socks Sizes Medium
U.S. Men 8 - 13
U.S. Women 9.5 - 13
ElSo Split Step Tennis Socks Guide 
Socks Sizes Medium Large
U.S. Men 7- 9.5 10-13
U.S. Women 8.5 - 10 10-13