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Double System Mechanism

Understanding our Double Sock System and its Importance

Wearing shoes and one pair of socks creates two interfaces: the skin-sock interface and the sock-shoe interface each having a certain level of friction. This measurement is the coefficient of friction (COF) which is a number usually less than 1. High friction between both interfaces is a contributing factor for blisters. To alleviate this problem, the wearer should create an extra interface by wearing additional socks. If the sock-sock interface COF is lower than that of the other two interfaces, the two socks will slide across one another before there is movement elsewhere. That will reduce shear (and therefore blisters).

Double Impact socks were structurally designed to help with this issue and more.


What are Double Impact Performance Socks?

A revolutionary development, our Double Impact Performance Socks are a patented, two sock system that diminishes the friction between the sole of the foot and the shoe with a unique layout, thus providing you with additional comfort and support during any physical activity. 

By utilizing various moisture wicking fabrics paired with a double holding elastic system, our Double Impact Performance Socks move perspiration away from the feet in order for sweat to evaporate quickly, thereby allowing you to feel cooler and more comfortable. The elastic holding system stabilizes the ankle and the arch of the foot, keeping your foot and ankle more secure while providing an extra layer of comfort. 


The Double Sock Style

The Double Impact Socks are comprised of two pairs of socks - an inner layer (labelled R1 and L1) and an outer layer (labelled R2 and L2). The inner layer (R1/L1) is 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) taller than the outer layer (R2/L2), resulting in a two color combination, as seen in the Classic Collection, or a single color with added style, as seen in the Shadow and Spirit Collections.

  Double Impact Shadow, Spirit, and Classic Sock Collection


Two Sock System

The two sock system is a pair of two uniquely designed socks that work and function as one unit. Benefits are derived only when the socks are worn together. 

The first pair, inner layer (R1/L1), is designed to provide superior comfort to your entire foot and ankle and added sole protection where most pounding usually occurs during aggressive stops; starts; and linear and lateral movements.

The second pair, outer layer (R2/L2), provides unmatched support with the ultra modern layout of various knitting patterns and the use of sturdy elastic yarns.

When paired together, the Double Impact Performance Socks are the finest quality socks that deliver superb comfort and support to your entire foot and ankle. 

The Double Impact Socks assist in the prevention of blisters on the feet, athlete's foot, and shin splints as well as the reduction of friction between the soles of the feet and the shoes. The Double Impact Performance Socks provide additional support to the ankle, reducing the possibility of an injury. 

How To Wear

Step 1 - Put R1 sock on right foot and L1 sock on left foot.

Step 2 - Put R2 sock over R1 and L2 sock over L1.


Product Benefits

  • Anti-bacterial & odor-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Colorfast
  • Moisture wicking
  • Added ankle support
  • Moisture management
  • Breathability
  • Rapid perspiration evaporation
  • Comfortable


 Product Details

  • Inner Sock Fabric: 70% Coolmax®  15% Spandex  7% Elastic  8% Nylon
  • Outer Sock Fabric: 63% Coolmax®  15% Spandex  12% Elastic 10% Nylon
  • Machine Wash: Warm water. Tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach. No fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • Made in U.S.A.


What Users Are Saying 

First Time in Double Impact Socks - "A bit surprised by the collateral materials that came with the socks, I was however very pleased with the fit, the wear and the comfort of the system. As an older, larger guy with a recent knee replacement, the two pair worked wonderfully and my feet and legs felt so much better than in other socks." - Michael Kolar

HAPPY FEET - "Full disclosure - I’ve only played twice with these socks, but the experience has been great! Honestly, I’m curious to see if wearing two pairs of other socks feel as good... That being said, I like these socks a lot. Also - I love the sock laundry bag that comes with them! My dog is a little disappointed about that 😊." - Paul Jacobs

Best Socks For Tennis I've Ever Used - "I don't know why someone didn't think of this years ago. I've been wearing two mismatched socks for years in an attempt to get more padding only to be uncomfortable. These are the real deal and well, well worth the money." - Richard Klein

Excellent Product and Service - "The ELSO Double Impact is the best tennis sock I have ever used. It has the plushness of a Thorlo without the bulk and with much better posture management. They are fantastic - as is the ELSO customer service! Highest Rating!" - Mark Moore


Sizing Chart

Double Impact Performance Socks Size Guide

Sock Sizes





U.S. Men 





U.S. Women 











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