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Double Impact Shadow (2 Pairs of Socks)

The ElSo Company

Shadow Collection
Specifically designed to protect your ankles from injuries and pain. Our Shadow Collection is the pairing of two perfectly knit black-on-black Double Impact Performance Socks. Black socks look sexy on the feet when paired with the right outfit. The Shadow Collection is designed to deliver that sexy, captivating look, while simultaneously providing the powerful, masterful fearless look that your onlookers won't be able to resist. All Double Impact socks comes with a velvet suede pouch and ElSo sock laundry bag.  
What are Double Impact Performance Socks?  A revolutionary development, our Double Impact Performance Socks are a patent-pending, two sock system that diminishes the friction between the sole of the foot and the shoe with a unique layout, thus providing additional comfort and support during any physical activity. 

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     Product Details

    • Inner Sock Fabric: 70% Coolmax®  15% Spandex  7% Elastic  8% Nylon
    • Outer Sock Fabric: 63% Coolmax®  15% Spandex  12% Elastic 10% Nylon
    • Machine Wash: Warm water. Tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach. No fabric softener or dryer sheets
    • Made in U.S.A.
    Black w/ Black

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